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Holiday Season Training with Coach Lark at the Bently Reserve

December 8th, 2009 By: Doug Hahn

Let’s face it: getting in shape usually isn’t our focus during the holiday season. It’s all too easy to lose track of our fitness goals amidst the busy preparations, travel, and festive eating and drinking.

The good news?┬áIt’s not as hard as it seems to be mindful of our eating habits, our health, and our fitness during this time of year.

We can all agree that the holiday weeks can be treated as an intentional period of reduced training volume. But it’s important to remember that any planned reduction in training is best preceded by a period of increased training volume. So consider this your time to shine, and hit the gym with everything you have before the festivities begin!

Here’s how you do it in just three workouts per week:

When you are overloading (training more than you are accustomed to), it’s crucial to allow active recovery days between workouts: make sure that you get two consecutive rest days of light training, or even total rest, each week. This allows your body to fully recover.

If you work extra hard these next two weeks, you’ll have a truly relaxing and enjoyable holiday season — without losing fitness or feeling guilty.

While you’re relaxing, remember that your body will be happiest if you stay active. Although you won’t be doing anything strenuous, make sure to take light walks, do some yoga, stretch out a bit, or move your body in whatever way is most enjoyable to you. Working out is also a great way to relieve some of that holiday stress. And whether you’re with friends and family, or taking a well deserved and warm vacation, you’ll look and feel fantastic!

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Have a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season,

Coach Lark

About Coach Lark and Infinite Fitness:

Infinite Fitness prides itself on delivering the most up-to-date training philosophy and methods in the most accessible form. We promise results, but more importantly, we promise that you will enjoy the process of getting there. Prepare to push yourself and feel the healthiest and strongest of your life. Our private gym at the Bently Reserve is a state-of-the-art physical training facility with a strong commitment to your health as well as the health of our community and the earth.