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Seafood Watch: Consumers Can Save Our Oceans

April 10th, 2009 By: Doug Hahn

Overfishing, or the practice of catching fish faster then they can reproduce, is a threat to our world’s largest ecosystem. This has an impact on the delicate balance of coastal wetlands and sea floor — damage that takes centuries to repair. Over-harvesting this natural resource also has an impact on our economy, because species of fish can become so low that fishermen can’t make a living anymore – this has already happened to the centuries-old Cod fisheries off the coast of New England.

But we can create the change that’s needed by being conscientious consumers of seafood. When you’re at the supermarket or a restaurant, being an informed customer can help turn the tide.

Seafood Watch, an organization dedicated to spreading consumer awareness and action, can help you take action. Not only are they a valuable source of information on the web, they offer convenient pocket guides and even an iPhone application with information on regional restaurants and supermarkets that sell sustainable seafood.

If you’re a lover of sushi and seafood, we think you should take a look at some Seafood Watch resources:

These resources are easy to bring with you wherever you go, and they can help you save our planet.