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The Cove

February 20th, 2009 By: Doug Hahn

Billed as “an intelligent action/adventure/Ocean’s-Eleven-like horror film wrapped around a tale of redemption and ultimate revenge,” The Cove is a documentary that follows an elite reconnaissance team to the picturesque fishing village of Taiji, Japan.

It is here the world’s largest annual dolphin kill takes place in a hidden bay that is watched over by armed guards and obscured behind blue tarpaulins. What occurs beyond the patrols and scrims is one of Japan’s darkest secrets: pods of dolphins are herded into the bay, where they are trapped behind a wall of nets and butchered by whalers with spears and knives.

The goal of The Cove is to stop these barbaric acts by exposing them to the world. The filmmakers risk everything to capture this footage, and we vividly feel the danger they’re in, but as with any groundbreaking film that transcends its genre, there are elements humor, and the touching narrative of one man’s personal redemption.

This a documentary that we believe everyone should see, and at Bently Holdings we hope to witness the end of the Dolphin Killings. The Cove captures the power of filmmakers so committed to an important cause that they’ll stake their lives on it.

The Cove: Trailer

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