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Coral Reef Alliance

November 1st, 2007 By: Christopher Bently

The Coral Reef Alliance is a non profit organization based in San Francisco dedicated to the protection of coral reefs throughout the world. By integrating responsible sustainable tourism, community partnerships and ecosystem management, Coral is fighting for the survival of more than 50% of the worlds coral reefs now in danger of complete destruction. The Bently’s are avid divers and have seen pristine reefs ruined by humanity’s callus treatment of the oceans. Not all of the time Coral’s teams is spent in the magical waters around the world. The Coral Reef Alliance is a Mac based non-profit and Bently Holdings is also an Apple based company so it is natural that we donate our technology to Coral whenever possible. Bently Holdings is very proud to support such a worthy organization in their efforts to preserve one of natures most precious treasures.