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Sunset Youth Services

March 31st, 2007 By: Christopher Bently

Bently Holdings stepped up their contribution for the second year and donated use of the Bently Reserve in support of a benefit for Sunset Youth Services. The second annual event for Sunset Youth reached it’s full potential at the Reserve raising more than $120,000.00 to fund programs and facilities for the Sunset districts youth in need.

The first event in 2006 was held at the Beach Chalet on the edge of Golden Gate park. It was a fantastic event for their first ever and drew supporters Mayor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco DA Kamala Harris. We can’t wait for Sunset Youths third annual event which will again be held at the Bently Reserve. San Francisco’s young people located in the Sunset district have so much to be thankful for thanks to the bold efforts made by Sunset Youth Services and their supporters.