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World Wildlife Foundation

October 21st, 2001 By: Christopher Bently

In September of 2001 while still looking for a tenant, the Bently’s donated use of the retail space at 240 Stockton and Maiden Lane to the World Wildlife Foundation. Together with the WWF Bently Holdings held an event to raise the consciences of endangered species throughout the world. It is hard to imagine that people would drive a species out of existence but it has been happening for hundreds of years. Even today illegal poaching endangers hundreds of animals that would otherwise be growing in numbers if it weren’t for black market trade. It is easy not to pay attention when things are not happening on your doorstep which is why the WWF global outreach program was not only necessary but intoxicating. Fire throwers, international cirque, musical performances and a star studded attendance marked a successful night in the battle of raising our awareness of what can be done and gathering people motived to do something about it. Bently Holdings is proud to support the WWF in it’s ceaseless efforts.